TCU 02, Transport Connectivity Unit 02

For single standard radio operation only, the transmission interface in the
digital unit is normally sufficient. For multi standard radio operation the TCU
can be used to support one common backhaul interface. The common
transmission interface can be either Ethernet or IP over E1/T1. The TCU
natively supports GSM migration from E1/T1 transmission to Ethernet
transmission with the BSS feature “Packet Abis over IP”. The TCU 02 has the
same form factor as e.g. a DUG

RBS 6202 Radio Shelf

The RBS 6000 family uses the following main radio components for GSM, WCDMA and LTE:

• RU – Radio Unit
• Transceiver (TRX)
• Transmitter (TX) amplification
• Transmitter/Receiver (TX/RX) duplexing
• TX/RX filtering
• Antenna supervision support
• DU – Digital Unit
• Control processing
• Clock distribution
• Synchronization from transport network i/f or GPS
• Baseband processing
• Transport network interface
• RU interconnects
• Site Local Area Network (LAN) and maintenance interface